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dutch dreams

Dutch Dreams began by The Aben family is the 1980’s. After having spent years working overseas in the hotel industry Theodoor Aben settled in Toronto. Finding himself in charge of raising 2 children, singlehandedly, Theodoor needed to come up with a way to put food on his table. Opening an ice cream store is what came naturally and was always a childhood dream. Dutch Dreams is on its second generation of leadership with Theo and Dina Aben running the day-to-day operations.

Dutch Dreams is fashioned in the Dutch style to pay homage to the Aben family ancestry. The eclectic décor throughout the store and in the upstairs seating area truly expresses the history and childhood feelings of the Aben family. Walking into Dutch Dreams is like walking into a kid’s fantasyland. It is recognized as a go-to Toronto destination for tourists, celebrities, kids and adults alike.

Dutch Dreams is as famous for its multicultural atmosphere as it is for it’s decadent ice cream & cones. Ice cream is for everybody and has the ability to bridge cultures. At Dutch Dreams, we work very hard to provide the best all around experience as well as homemade frozen treats. Our pancake and waffle recipes have been passed down for generations and are all made in house.

All of our flavours are a unique blend of ingredients and can only be found at Dutch Dreams. We carry over 32 kosher ice cream flavours from the classic Gold Medal Ribbon and Mint Chocolate Chip to the unique Moose Droppings and Grapenut.

We take pride in our family owned business and look forward to welcoming you. It isn’t just an ice cream; it’s a destination to experience.