Royal Dutch Banana Split

Banana SplitFirst we bake a crispy wafer boat and nestle three scoops of your favourite ice creams (you mix and match) into it. We surround it with a split banana and top it with chocolate and butterscotch sauces. Next we sprinkle your split with freshly roasted crushed peanuts, garnish with our Dutch Dreams whipped topping and decorate with fresh fruit sections. After a light dusting of powdered sugar and a sprinkling of melted chocolate, we crown your split with a freshly home baked wafer.


Dutch Pancake

Dutch Pancake baked to order. Dutch Pancakes are flat and large like a platter. We make our own batter from a secret family formula. We have perfected the pancake and serve it with three scoops of your favourite ice cream, our whipped topping, toasted sliced almonds, a drizzle of chocolate and fresh fruit sections.


Exquisite Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurts

We make the best low fat frozen yogurt. Made to order with your choice of fruit. We have the largest variety in town. Favourite mixtures are chocolate and banana; strawberry and banana, plain raspberry, mixed berries or choose from our large selection of fruits and nuts available.
Frozen yogurt in a sundae dish with our Dutch Dreams Whipped Topping and garnished with fresh fruit sections and a wafer.

In A Wafer Basket - $9.71

Take Out Orders

11.4 Litre Tub - $66
4 Litre Tub - $38.70
2 Litre Tub - $18.95
1 Litre Tub - $12.23
1/2 Litre Tub - $ 8.71

Kiddy Sundae

A small sundae just for children ages 12 and under. Your choice of ice cream. Sprinkles also available, its all up to you.


Dutch Dreams Specialties

Baked AlaskaSuper Royal Dutch Baked Alaska

This delightful and ultimate ice cream dessert was previously only available to those of royal blood. We are one of only a few establishments who prepare this delicacy. The best possible dessert for any celebration. Prepared on demand with your choice of ice creams covered with a layer of cake and royally sprinkled with the king of liqueur; Grand Marnier. Topped with toasted meringue and decorated with fresh fruit sections. Finished with a sprinkle of toasted sliced almonds and lit with a burning sparkle.
(We require 15 minutes for preparation)

Fit for a Royal Couple - $24.95
Fit for a Royal Family (3-4) - $31.73
Fit for a Party of (6-8) - $44.45

Please Note: Larger cakes for your office party are also available. 15-20 persons $50.50 with free home or office delivery. We can cater also for larger parties like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. All our ingredients, cones baskets and waffles are Kosher.

Peach Melba

Two scoops of your favourite ice cream of your choice surrounded by three peach halves. A cascade of raspberry sauce and royally sprinkled with freshly toasted sliced almonds. Garnished with our whipped topping and fresh fruit sections. Crowned with a freshly baked wafer.


Dutch Waffle

Another Dutch Delicacy made from fresh batter and baked to order. Two scoops of your favourite ice cream and garnished with our whipped topping, fresh fruit sections and freshly toasted sliced almonds.


BrownieBrownie Hot Fudge

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A marvellous brownie with two scoops of your favourite ice cream topped with hot chocolate fudge, crushed peanuts, our whipped topping, more brownie pieces and fresh fruit sections.


Brownie Hot FudgeHot Fudge Sundae

Two scoops of your favourite ice cream, heaped with smooth as silk hot chocolate fudge. Served with freshly toasted crushed peanuts, our Dutch Dreams whipped topping, fresh fruit sections and a freshly baked Dutch Wafer.



Super Classic Dutch Sundaes

Basket SundaeFreshly Baked Wafer Basket Sundae

Two scoops of our premium ice cream of your choice nestled in a wafer basket garnished with our Dutch Dreams whipped topping, fresh fruit sections and crowned with a wafer.


CantaloupeCantaloupe Delight

Fresh cantaloupe, cut like a crown, with ice cream of your choice (two scoops mix and match) our whipped topping, more fruit sections and crowned with a freshly baked wafer.



Dutch Dream Milkshakes

Chill out with a smoothly whipped shake. Thick and delicious. We make you any flavour you can think of. Served with a chocolate covered strawberry, 3" banana piece and our whipped topping.


Create Your Own Royal Dutch Sundae!

Choose from 3 Tempting Sizes

King (3 Scoops) - $7.50
Queen (2 Scoops) $6.70
Prince (1 Scoop) $5.60

Toppings - $1.00 Extra